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Women's Wisdom for
Elspeth Brightwing
June 18, 1962
Longview, WA
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Part 1

The Sun: Your essence. Your self.


                            Character is destiny. By improving
                            your personality you create good
                            conditions for your future.

Sun in Gemini:

     You were born under the sign of Gemini and your
ruling planet is Mercury, the planet of communication. You like
to speak, to communicate, to meet different people, to travel
and to be in motion.

     You are very curious and your mind always requests more
information. Your jovial and youthful attitude will allow you to
meet others very easily. In addition, your great capacity to
adapt allows you to mold yourself to any type of change. It is
probable that you are naive in your estimations, which will
often lead you to be involved in unexpected and complicated
problems or relations. Mentally, you will be very sharp, and
ideas and solutions no one else would have conceived come to
your mind.

     Though you like freedom and become bored with people
easily, you will be very dependent on those people whom you
admire or love. You love the company of your best friends and,
especially, the opportunity of commenting on everything that
happens to you. You are also very attracted to voyages to new
and different places.

     Love will start in your mind and then will descend to your
heart.  You will fall in love with the people who stimulate your
curiosity and inteligence. You like to admire others and, at
times, your fantasies will cloud reality, which can result in
self-deception. Your emotions and humor vary greatly, which is
why you search for a strong person to hold you. If your
companion is boring, slow, or too passive, then it is possible
your restless heart will search for another relationship, which
you could undertake simultaneously.

     You were born to study, to write, to learn and to
communicate. Your main function in life is to receive and give
information, both oral and written. You were born to connect
people with each other, to propose businesses, to invent
solutions and to teach.

     To evolve, you must learn to control your impatience, your
anxiety and your nervousness. At times you feel pressed and are
easily influenced and not persistent enough. You have to avoid
talking too much about your projects; concentrate on your
objectives and avoid gossip.