Tarot Card: Lovers Prime Number: 6 Power Planet: Neptune
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Born: June 18, 1962
Tarot Card: Lovers

"All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players."
-- William Shakespeare

Welcome to Tarot.com's exclusive Tarology Card Report! You are about to learn all about your unique Tarot birth card, your Power Planet, your Prime Number -- and how they shape your personality. Your completely personalized report examines three key divination systems - Tarot, Astrology and Numerology -- in relation to your unique birth information. It offers profound insight into your true self, including your strengths and weaknesses, and ways to use this information to your advantage.

Your Tarot birth card bestows you with many gifts that play an integral part in your personal growth and development. Knowing which gifts you possess can make a dramatic improvement to your life.

About Your Report

Every drama has a cast of characters -- a hero, a villain, the best friend, the sidekick and the guy that dies in the first act ... just to name a few. Real life is just the same. We have our everyday roles, from parent to spouse to boss or employee. Role-playing comes naturally to humans, who grow up learning to be many different characters in the course of a lifetime.

But what if you also have a deeper and more enduring role related to your mission on planet earth? What if a cosmic casting director assigned you a part that is all about your life purpose? You would want to know as much as possible about this role of yours -- the highlights and challenges and most of all, your character's motivation and purpose in the story. To play your part well, you at least need to know who you are playing.

The Tarology Card Report describes your life role in terms of one of nine archetypal Tarot characters, from the Magician to the Hermit. Each character has a starring role, or specific purpose, along with talents and character flaws that support and hinder that mission. In this report you will learn a more about who you are on the stage of life so you can better play your role.

Lovers are big dreamers who deliver harmony, peace and love to the world. Gifted as artists and healers, these natural mystics can relate deeply to every inhabitant on the planet -- or any planet for that matter. Lovers are here to unify themselves and then unify the world.

Magnetic, sociable, sensuous and mystical

Saint and/or Sinner

Mystical Healer

  • Christopher Walken
  • Eddie Murphy
  • Jessica Alba
  • Stevie Wonder
  • Meryl Streep
  • Lindsay Lohan
  • Ben Affleck
  • Robert de Niro
  • Edward Norton
  • Michael Jackson
  • Salma Hayek
  • Rachel Hunter
  • Stephen King
  • Clive Owen
  • John Lennon
  • Neil Young
  • Goldie Hawn
  • Britney Spears
  • Jude Law
  • Kate Bosworth
  • Cary Grant
  • Vanessa Redgrave
  • Justin Timberlake
  • James Dean
  • Albert Einstein
  • Bruce Willis

Jealous, indulgent, cynical and self-righteous

All the world loves a lover, but Lovers often feel the most unloved. Deep in the heart of every mystical-healer is a yearning for profound communion with others -- whether that other is a lover, a child, a parent or even God. But this desire for merging and unity has a catch: until you have united the polarities within yourself, you will not find a satisfying union with someone else.

What polarities? Your male and female aspects, your left and right brain, your mundane and divine self, to name a few. The Tarot card's wedding-like image of the naked man and woman standing before arch-angel Raphael is all about holy union, where duality within aspires to unity. You are both the man and the wife in the wedding scene, because you are here to learn what it means to marry disparate parts of yourself.

Enlightened love is the playground for you Lovers to accomplish this self-union. This kind of love strikes with the speed of Cupid's arrow, and carries with it a "lost in love" quality that permeates many of your relationships. You seek depth in relationships and you harness Eros to take you to the deep end of real love -- which, of course, is unconditional.

As the ultimate touchy-feely type, you bring to the world passionate vision and heartfelt artistry. Emotional content imbues all that you say and do, while your emotional expression spans octaves higher and lower than most. You are moody, yes, but you are also inspired by these bouts of angst. Great art and science is born from your morose and grumpy spells. And along with the dark night of the soul, you also bring a capacity for unbounded bliss. As Kahlil Gibran writes in The Prophet, "Sorrow carves the space for your joy."

The archetype of the Lovers is found in the mystics of history from Joan of Arc to St. Francis of Assisi. It is also found in the archetype of union, from passionate Romeo and Juliet, to the platonic Hansel and Gretel, to the divine union of Shiva and Shakti (male and female godheads).

The Buddhist maxim, 'Pain is inevitable, but suffering is a choice' was probably created to help Lovers get over the idea that there is valor in being miserable for a cause. Somewhere in your life (or past lives) you found that the victim is a coveted role, one you have literally been dying to play.

The term martyr conjures images of Christians thrown to the lions, suicide bombers for Allah or kamikaze pilots. But everyday martyrdom has a more subtle face, one in which you cheerfully sacrifice your needs for the needs of others while inwardly feeling resentful. It's the 'you go first' mentality taken to extreme self-denial. When you put everyone else first, there is the feel-good rush that comes with being appreciated for your sacrifice. But over time, friends and family start to expect sacrifice and their initial gratitude is replaced by advantage-taking.

Signs you are suffering a martyr complex: feeling underappreciated; resenting the happiness of others while pretending to be happy yourself; complaining silently or aloud as you go about your daily activities; taking on more at work or home than you know you can handle and then grumbling about it; and getting run down and sick before you think to ask for help.

The willing victim role only works for you as long as you delude yourself into believing that you don't matter. But as soon as you begin to value yourself even a bit, the glamour of volunteering to play the perpetual sucker, wears off. You know you are on track when you feel as good about saying no as you do about saying yes. The next time someone asks you to do something you really don't want to do, practice the Nancy Regan approach to drugs: Just Say No. And then practice feeling fine about it.

You were born to find yourself, to individuate, to realize your essence or to connect with your source. Basically, you are a seeker, and what you are looking for is nothing short of enlightenment. But rather than take the transcendent and ascetic route to God, your mystic archetype insists on a more immediate route -- in other words, you want to feel God and your body is a big part of that feeling apparatus. The experience of the divine, in your mind, is most definitely a sensual one. You want to taste, touch, smell, hear and see the mysteries of self and the universe. No one can teach you that and no book will supply what you crave. Only your own experience counts. And this means that rather than live by faith, you live by what you know.

Your prime number: 6

The six pointed star best illustrates the potency of this number for Lovers. Known as the Star of David, this figure is made from two intersecting triangles, one pointing up, and the other down. The top triangle corresponds to fire, spirit and yang. The bottom triangle connotes water, matter and yin. These two polar triangles overlap or merge to create the six pointed star that represents the path of every human, but more so the path of every mystical healer -- to unite heaven and earth, and by doing so reach a state of enlightenment.

Six is about completion. God created the world in six days. This lifetime is one where you Lovers get to complete a karmic cycle. This can mean that a longstanding soul lesson finally breaks through. This makes for some grand fireworks of revelation and self understanding, as you attract relationships and situations that allow this completion to happen.

Domestic inclination is a part of the number six, along with a heaping amount of responsibility. Out of balance, six imbues you with a sense of duty that can all but make you a slave to the needs of loved ones. A balanced six allows you to be compassionate and caring to those around you and to yourself. With this balance, home and family are a safe haven, a place to anchor while you seek enlightenment. Your ideal motto: The heart is where the home is.

Your basic six expands into the 15th archetype of the Tarot's Major Arcana, the Devil. This archetype adds unique talents to your mystical life that, when consciously harnessed, take your potential for healing to new levels.

The Devil is the most misunderstood of Tarot archetypes, conjuring unfortunate associations with debauchery, evil and the dark side. In truth, the horned and goat-footed half-man depicted on the card represents an initiator on our path to self discovery. It is by confronting the part of our own psyche that is unconsciously bestial -- our instinctual shadow self -- that we become whole. But when untamed, our animal nature becomes the enemy we fear and we are a house divided.

All cultures over time have recognized the principle of our inner-beast as teacher. The mythical Greek figure Pan, later associated with pandemonium and panic, assumes the form of half goat, half man. Ancient Babylonian Tiamat, goddess of chaos, is a horned and clawed half human. The Devil of ancient Egypt was Set, the reptilian crocodile. And Satan used the snake as tempter in the Garden of Eden.

The snake a symbol for temptation reminds us that it is the reptilian brain within the human mind that is most responsible for what psychologists call limbic high-jacking -- that is when our primal brain overpowers the higher emotional capacities of our limbic system. It's little wonder this reptilian artifact can obliterate nurturing, affection, empathy and other higher brain states in an instant. The reptilian brain is all about the four basic instincts: feeding, fighting, fleeing, and fornicating. Those can instincts can all too easily override our common sense and emotional intelligence.

What does all this mean for you Lovers? Well, for one, it suggests that you have a gift for delving deeply into your unconscious and befriending the enemy within. You can choose to make conscious your deepest fears, and to realize that they are illusion.

The Devil also likes to play useful opponent. This means you will learn from adversity rather than fall apart in times of chaos. In the Old Testament, Satan translates from Hebrew as 'adversary.' The Devil then produces adversity in our lives so that we can find our true self and our authentic path. You are a master of learning from your mistakes, and turning lemons into lemonade.

The tricky part of owning this archetype is the risk of falling hopelessly into temptation. Against your better judgment, you can find yourself treading into the murky waters of infidelity, betrayal, lies, secrets, dishonesty, cheating and hedonistic sensuality. The beast run amok can be your undoing. The beast tamed is your enlightenment.

Your Lovers path is mirrored by the sixth and fifteenth letters of the Hebrew alphabet, Vav and Samech. Within each of these sacred letters lies a gift and a lesson.


This sixth letter of the alphabet endows you with the gift of union. When used as a prefix for a noun, Vav means 'and.' This preposition has one purpose -- to join or connect. You have a potent capacity to feel united with all things -- the earth, the animals (all our relations in Native American terminology) and even the plant world. Musician and Lovers soul Stevie Wonder and his brilliant 'The Secret Life of Plants' is just one example of how this interconnectedness of all things approach to life gives you insight and wisdom. You can take your innate ability for union to new heights in love relationships, where soul-union is possible. Or you can use the same gift to reach beyond your mundane self and connect with the Divine. Vav gives you a talent for uniting what is separate, within yourself and in the world.

The lesson of Vav is independence. Because union and merging is the gift of this letter, its challenge becomes a tendency to slip into codependence. Vav wants you to know the bliss of union, and the bliss of separation. How to be alone when you need to be alone, and how to be self-reliant instead of dependent are some examples of the lesson this letter teaches you. Whenever you find yourself losing a sense of your identity in relationship, you know you are failing to live up to your individuality. A sure sign of being lost-in-union: You and your significant other wear matching his and her outfits. There is a way to be together with loved ones and still retain enough aloneness to assure your independence.


This 15th letter of the Hebrew alphabet gives you the gift of miracles. The word itself means support and in the life of a Lovers soul it refers to divine assistance. Your deep connection to non-ordinary reality and trust that the physical world is but one dimensional enables you summon angelic support when you really need it. Miracle healings and feats that defy the known laws of 3-D reality are your specialty. This divine support is echoed in the phrase 'samech noflim' which means supporting the fallen.

Samech challenges you with the lesson of faith. For you to harness the miraculous in your life, you also have to nourish a deep trust in a friendly universe. Each time you face a life situation that looks like a downturn, mistake or tragedy, Samech teaches you that you cannot know the mind of God. It's your job to stay neutral and encourage faith by simply accepting what-is. No matter what happens, your question is: What good is this for?

The very same Inner-Eye talent that gives you a psychic edge also gives you a finely developed imagination. And this is no small talent -- when the book of Genesis states that God made man in his IMAGE, it has been argued that what the original Greek word really meant, was IMAGINATION. In other words, the Creator wasn't making clones of herself. Instead the Creator was daydreaming humans into being. If the creation tale is any clue, it means the ability to 'see' in our minds-eye is not just about fantasy, it is about creation.

What does this mean for you Lovers souls who are gifted with a Technicolor fully animated imagination? For one, it suggests you have an extraordinary ability to create virtual worlds like fellow Lovers soul, Tolkein's Middle-Earth or Lewis Carol's Wonderland. You are the most imaginative of artists, whether your art is visionary fiction or a transformative canvas. You have at your disposal the rare ability to conjure entirely new realms.

The other side of this creative talent is a capacity to literally world-create. When you add to your potent visual imagination a heartfelt emotion, like desire, joy or gratitude, you have the makings of a manifestation. While all humans have this capacity to manifest wishes and dreams into reality, you have the edge with the range and specificity of your inner vision. What you imagine can be so clear, down to the finest detail, that your manifestation follows the imprint. You of all types do need to 'be careful what you wish for.' Your imagination is far from idle--it's a force of creation.

Your moods are as changeable as the weather, with gale force angst an all too common occurrence. Sensitive and brooding works well when you are in the throes of creating a soulful masterpiece of music, writing or art. But, when you are simply taking out the garbage and you feel like crying, you know that you are at the mercy of your moods instead of the maestro of them.

The trick for you deep feelers is to realize that emotions can move through you without setting up housekeeping. It is okay to feel sad, just don't invite sadness to stay a few weeks or months. When any morose mood-guest overstays her welcome, it's okay to evict.

Right now, you are thinking, 'yeah right, easier said than done.' And true, your moods are at times deeper than Loch Ness Lake and as scary as the creature that might lurk in those depths. Letting them go can be more like extracting a tooth with deep roots than simply shedding some annoying habit. But in the end, your moods are not you; they are simply emotional weather patterns moving across the landscape of your psyche.

Great art and science has been born from your capacity to feel deeply. Ever-passionate about your dreams and ideas, you bring a fervor to your activities that few can compete with. Your work will never sustain you if you are lukewarm about it. Either you will find a hobby that inspires your feelings to heights of excitement, or you will make sure that your vocation is your passion.

This same ardor translates to intensity in love that rivals the greatest love stories. You are Romeo and Juliet, Ann Karenina and xxx rolled into one idealistic and romantic package. There's no room for tepid commitment when your feelings run so deep. Celebrate your ability to be an open-hearted and undefended feeler with the one you love.

The upside of your moody depths is that you have a capacity for soaring joy. You are like the singer with a three octave range -- when you stretch into the lower registers of grief or remorse, you know you also have the rare ability to reach into the higher realms of bliss. The next time you feel like a loser because a bad mood has settled in, remember that just yesterday you were playing on the edges of ecstasy. You are a master of the spectrum of feeling. Feel good about that.

In matters of love there is no more potent a participant than you mystical souls. A dreamer and an idealist, love in your books conquers all and you are in the game for nothing less than a union of the highest order. You want to know the bliss of open-hearted and undefended loving and this desire leads you into tempestuous and adventurous liaisons. Your desire for depth also leads you to enduring unions, the kind that last far into the golden years.

Sexuality is a playground of exploration for most Lovers souls, whose natural sensual proclivity delights in touch. You are not usually an aggressive lover, but you are an amazingly responsive one. You love to be loved, and have no qualms about receiving pleasure. Yet, when you feel safe and unconditionally accepted by your partner, you are exquisitely attuned to their desires and needs.

Single Lovers souls find themselves in a quandary -- as much as you crave union, there is something sublime about your own company. You can spend literally years quite comfortable all alone, finding a certain mystical serenity in solitude and self-reliance.

In a way, you are an echo of the Hermit. But unlike Hermits, who retreat from the world in search of wisdom, your withdrawal has entirely different and often defensive motives. You retreat most often because you feel misunderstood. You want to belong but you feel like very few people understand or appreciate you for who you really are. It takes very little ridicule to send you into your cave for a long time. Hurt feelings are your specialty because you have not yet learned that other people's judgments are all about them, and have nothing to do with you. In other words, don't take it personally.

For Lovers souls in relationship, love is soulful, intense and abidingly loyal. Unless, of course, the relationship becomes tepid: then all bets are off for fidelity as you consider lukewarm waters about as worthy of devotion as a high school crush. Affairs become justified by your fear of hurting your mate with the truth of your dissatisfaction. Yet you are more than willing to take on extra-curricular love as a solution to a floundering marriage.

Like salt and pepper, you see your true mate as a perfect match. And take heart: this lifetime is one where this ideal of meeting your match is actually possible. The only glitch is your other half is not likely to show up in your life story until you have married yourself. Wholeness is your mission and if you are still only half-formed you will attract half-realized partners and relationships that are for learning instead of enduring. For this reason, you often don't find your soul mate until later in life, usually after the age of 40.

Ultimately, you are looking for your soul mate and this life is driven by this unconscious quest. Love is not about sexual passion alone; it is about soulful union. Your ideal mate is someone with whom you feel at ease, unguarded and who is your equal. You yearn for true partnership and sometimes this even leads to husband-wife duos in the same field of work or coupledom that includes shared visions and goals. Yet until you have wed the disparate parts of your own soul, soul mating will remain a quest instead of a reality.

Most compatible archetypes: High Priestess, Empress, Lovers, Hermit, Strength

Least compatible archetypes: Magician, Emperor, Hierophant, Chariot

For happiness in your career or job you need to feel that what you are doing is meaningful and contributes positively to the well-being of all sentient beings. Few Lovers souls find a job at Dow Chemicals or a petroleum factory fits their lofty idealism. Instead, you are drawn to work for humanitarian and environmental causes or work in the healing and spiritual guidance professions.

Lovers soul scientists have a penchant for asking the deep questions and probing the mysteries of the universe. Einstein is a great example of a scientist-mystic and is as famous for e equals mc squared as the quote that 'God does not play dice with the universe.' And while the intricacies of quantum physics will appeal, the workings of a piece of equipment will bore the Lovers soul who really seeks to know the workings of reality itself.

Lovers souls in the arts are among the most imaginative and visionary of creative geniuses. Tolkein and Lewis Carol are examples of fiction writers and deep thinkers who imbued their work with levels of philosophical and spiritual meaning, as well as taking imagination to new heights. The mystic side of your archetype expresses in art that is soulful and illuminating at the same time.

You also are a natural healer. This means you might be drawn to healing work as a therapist, counselor, doctor or any practice that allows you to assist others in well-being and wholeness. Yet no matter what profession you choose, you are the kind of person that others look to for guidance and advice, or simply a shoulder to lean on.

Perhaps the biggest clue to whether a career or job really suits you is whether you find yourself energized or drained by it. You are an empathetic sponge which means that environments where discord, disharmony and cut-throat attitudes prevail will leave you feeling wilted. You are meant to blossom in your career as you find ways to help others and to heal yourself at the same time.

Named after the tempestuous God of the Sea, in mythology Neptune wreaked havoc and storms on mere mortals. Yet this planet is also surprisingly lofty, heralding the archetype of Divine Love into the mortal world. While Venus, the lower octave of Neptune calls us to personal and erotic love, Neptune asks us to be Unconditional. With Neptune, love is neither an emotion nor a demonstration; it is a state of being.

The mythological home for Neptune is of course the sea. Consider that the French word for sea, mer, is almost the same as the word for mother, mere. Sea and mother in one word give us the clue that yes, we humans are perhaps are all mer-people evolved over eons into land lubbers. But it also tells us that the realm of Neptune is a Motherly Realm. Not the lady in your kitchen cooking macaroni and cheese, but the Divine Lady in the collective consciousness that elevates our compassionate and loving nature to a divine standard.

Neptune has been associated with mysticism and higher ideals and at the same time, illusion. It's watery, foggy and mystifying aspect is all about ways that we obfuscate our own clear knowing -- drugs, alcohol and escapist daydreaming are but a few examples. As a Lovers soul, you are prone to this tricky default that the darker side of Neptune brings. But you are also capable of mystical insight and unconditional love.

Where you fall in that spectrum from delusion to Enlightenment depends on your willingness to engage your psychic, intuitive and even mediumistic side. Neptune gifts you with these qualities -- if you see dead people, instead of deadening your sixth sense with drugs or alcohol, try talking to them instead!

Ultimately Neptune is about Higher Will and Service. This dynamic is depicted in the planet's glyph, which looks like a long stemmed wine goblet with a cross in the stem. The cup part represents the crescent of Personality pierced by the cross of matter. This piercing is a freeing of personality from the constraints of Ego so that it can rise to the potential of Higher Will. The Ego is not obliterated in Neptune's world, it is conscripted. This means that transcendent and ego-denying traditions will not curry Neptune's favor. Instead, you Lovers souls must enlist your humanness to Higher Will and Service. No mountain top or hermit cave retreat allowed!

Tapping the Power Planet: Your Service

Neptune's placement in your Astrology birth chart indicates how you are best equipped to fulfill the mandate of 'How Can I Serve?' A slow moving planet, Neptune stays in one sign for 15 years, making its influence generational. Therefore, as a Lovers soul you are a part of a whole generation -- called to serve in different ways.

Neptune in Scorpio (1955/57-1970): A Lovers soul born to serve through spiritual renewal. You Lovers are a part of the generation born during the hippie counter culture of the 1960's -- with free love, sex, drugs and rock and roll, along with the introduction of meditation and far-eastern religion. An interest in occult knowledge and wisdom traditions from around the world combines with a deep appreciation for human sexuality as a path of liberation. But at the heart of the Scorpio call to service is a desire for spiritual death and rebirth. You want to regenerate the soul of mankind with profound truths and teachings, and you make for some of the world's most provocative spiritual teachers. You know that for the new to be fully born, the old must truly die -- and sometimes violently. The Vietnam War during Neptune in Scorpio introduced the notion of protest (during the war) and disillusionment (after) to the collective. Blind service to country was replaced by discernment as draft dodgers burned draft cards. Assassinations prevailed: JFK and Martin Luther King, Jr. were killed under this dark side of Scorpio, and the theme of hidden motives runs through these sorts of deaths. Yet despite the underworld qualities of this Neptune, you Lovers souls have a rare knack for taking the dark side and converting it to light.

A natural born empath, you are too often at the mercy of the emotional currents of those around you -- in addition to getting swept away by your own tidal wave moods. Without healthy boundaries, you find yourself uttering yes when you mean no and feeling like the doormat. Depressive episodes can lead to creative angst or catatonic mopes, while your imagination runs so far away with you that you live in a daydream fantasy world instead of reality. Your biggest challenge is to discern heartfelt feelings (the truth) from ego-emotions (deception). When you find the feeling connection to your heart, you find your way.

You have the talent to be a gifted healer, soulful artist or enlightened master -- or all three at once! Relationships are the training ground for the most important relationship of all; the relationship you have with yourself. Helping others comes naturally, but you also know the value of helping others help themselves. Playing catalyst and coach suits you far more than having others depend on you. Your wisdom is an emotional intelligence that allows you to feel your way in life to the right actions and relationships. When you trust your feelings, you find that life rewards you with joyful outcomes.

As you've learned, your unique personal Tarology Card Report is a comprehensive guide to intense self-awareness. This report reveals your strength and weakness ... and how to use your personal Tarot card, Power Planet and Prime Number to your advantage. Tarology is a means to understand maximize your potential, so focus on your natural gifts rather than striving to be something you're not. Now that you have a better idea of what lies in your innate arsenal, it's time to out this insight to work!

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