Born: June 18, 1962
7:05 PM in Longview, Washington

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About Your Report
About Your Report

Welcome to Tarot.com's Astrology Sex Appeal report! You are about to find out what makes you attractive in the eyes of others -- and how you can make the most of your distinctive allure. Your completely personalized report examines key planets in relation to your individual astrological birth chart (or natal horoscope), and describes the ways they influence your unique sex appeal.

Your natal horoscope bestows you with many gifts that play an integral part in your personal allure. Knowing which gifts you possess can make a dramatic improvement to your life. The key to becoming more attractive is recognizing, championing and advertising your best qualities to the world.

Covered in this report:

If you'd like to enhance your natural sex appeal, pay attention to four important planets in your natal horoscope: Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Neptune. Your report explores how each of these planets influence your sex appeal, including:

Venus, which confers physical beauty and charm. Look to Venus to discover your most attractive physical qualities, as well as which fashions look best on you. Venus also indicates the best way to attract romantic attention.

Mars, which demonstrates your deepest drives. Explore Mars to learn how to get everything you want, from your dream lover to a buff body. Mars also shows the best way to seduce the object of your affection.

Jupiter, which bestows luck in the form of money, intelligence and wit. Check Jupiter to discover how to make the most of your natural talents. Jupiter can also indicate the best places to find love, and where your allure will be most appreciated.

Neptune, which grants glamour and shapes ideals. Consult Neptune to find where your mystique lies, and how to turn your fantasies into reality.

Chart Wheel & Summary of your Birth Chart
Chart Wheel & Summary of your Birth Chart
  Born: June 18, 1962
7:05 PM in Longview, Washington
Tropical Placidus Daylight Savings time
GMT: 02:05:00 Time Zone: 8 hours West
Planetary Positions
  Planet   Sign Degree House Motion
Sun Gemini 27°19'43" 7th House direct
Moon Capricorn 9°56'55" 2nd House direct
Mercury Gemini 11°51'00" 7th House retrograde
Venus Leo 2°11'46" 8th House direct
Mars Taurus 15°35'34" 6th House direct
Jupiter Pisces 12°24'45" 3rd House direct
Saturn Aquarius 10°47'03" 2nd House retrograde
Uranus Leo 27°18'07" 9th House direct
Neptune Scorpio 11°01'07" 11th House retrograde
Pluto Virgo 7°45'21" 9th House direct
Node Leo 11°03'44" 8th House retrograde
  Ceres Cancer 4°57'56" 7th House direct
  Pallas Taurus 20°12'49" 6th House direct
  Juno Cancer 4°43'01" 7th House direct
  Vesta Cancer 10°42'02" 8th House direct
Major Aspects
  Aspect Degree
Sun Sextile Uranus 0°01'
Moon Sextile Jupiter 2°27'
Moon Opposition Vesta 0°45'
Moon Sextile Neptune 1°04'
Moon Trine Pluto 2°11'
Moon Quincunx Mercury 1°54'
Moon Opposition Ceres 4°58'
Moon Opposition Juno 5°13'
Moon Trine Mars 5°38'
Mercury Square Jupiter 0°33'
Mercury Trine Saturn 1°03'
Mercury Square Pluto 4°05'
Mercury Quincunx Neptune 0°49'
Mars Sextile Jupiter 3°10'
Mars Square Saturn 4°48'
Mars Conjunction Pallas 4°37'
Mars Sextile Vesta 4°53'
Mars Opposition Neptune 4°34'
Jupiter Trine Neptune 1°23'
Jupiter Trine Vesta 1°42'
Jupiter Opposition Pluto 4°39'
Saturn Square Neptune 0°14'
Saturn Quincunx Vesta 0°05'
Neptune Trine Vesta 0°19'
Neptune Sextile Pluto 3°15'
Pluto Sextile Ceres 2°47'
Pluto Sextile Juno 3°02'
Pluto Sextile Vesta 2°56'
Ceres Conjunction Juno 0°14'
Ceres Conjunction Vesta 5°44'
Juno Conjunction Vesta 5°59'
House Positions
House/Cusp   Sign Degree
Ascendant Sagittarius 2°53'17"
2nd House Capricorn 5°59'27"
3rd House Aquarius 16°42'07"
Imum Coeli Pisces 24°42'23"
5th House Aries 23°32'15"
6th House Taurus 15°10'36"
Descendant Gemini 2°53'17"
8th House Cancer 5°59'27"
9th House Leo 16°42'07"
Midheaven Virgo 24°42'23"
11th House Libra 23°32'15"
12th House Scorpio 15°10'36"
Venus -- The Source of Your Allure
Venus -- The Source of Your Allure

Venus, the planet of beauty and love, naturally plays an important part in your powers of attraction. This planet shows the source of your allure, as well as the best way to attract romantic attention. If you’ve always wanted to know the most attractive part of your body, Venus is a good indication. Venus also rules your fashion taste, including your signature color.

Look to Venus to learn where your best romantic prospects lie. This planet shows the kinds of activities and environments that bring out the best in you. The more time you spend on your favorite hobbies and places, the sexier you will become.

Venus in Leo:

As someone who has Venus in Leo, you’ve been blessed with a generous dose of sex appeal. You’re at your sexiest when expressing your creative side. It’s easy to find love when you’re painting, acting, singing, or sculpting. Best of all, you don’t insist that you’re one of the select few artists in the Universe. Your belief that everyone possesses creative talent makes you a hot commodity in the romance market.

Your playful nature is also a love magnet. It’s easy to relax around you, because you turn everything into a game. Of course, there are some things you take very seriously, like relationships. Loyalty is your watchword, and more than one person has fallen in love with you because of your steadfast nature.

The sexiest part of your body is your luxurious mane of hair – a wild, unruly hairstyle suits you best. You’ve also got a stunning back. If you’re a woman, bare-backed evening gowns and swimsuits will win you lots of attention. If you’re a man, try playing on the “skins” team as often as possible. You look best in fashions that feature lots of glitz and glamour. Animal prints bring out your wild side. Gold is your signature color.

Venus in Eighth House:

As someone who has Venus in their natal Eighth House, you radiate sensuality. Sometimes you hide this fact beneath layers of baggy clothing and an aloof stare, but that’s only when you get tired of being treated like a sex object. When you really like someone, you follow their every move with a penetrating stare, much the way a cobra focuses on its prey. When you strike, it’s with deadly accuracy. You know just what to say to make someone your love slave.

One of the best ways to take advantage of your natural allure is to dress the part. Sexy lingerie has a powerful effect on your psyche. You love harboring delicious secrets from the rest of the world. You can be extremely possessive, which can either excite the object of your affection, or drive them away. Once you learn to tame the uglier manifestations of your jealousy, you’ll enjoy the kinds of deep, satisfying affairs you’ve always craved.

Mars -- Express Your Allure
Mars -- Express Your Allure

Mars, the planet of action, indicates how you can attain your desires, whether it’s becoming more attractive to others or turning your dreams into realities. Mars shows how you express your allure, as well as what kinds of physical activities can boost your appeal. If you’ve always wanted to know the best way to seduce someone, look to Mars for the answer.

This planet also shows your predatory style. By developing a technique to get what you want, your sex appeal will skyrocket. Half the trick in becoming more alluring is showcasing your talents in a favorable light. That’s where Mars comes in – it’s the planet that gets things moving!

Mars in Taurus:

As someone who has their natal Mars in Taurus, you express your sexuality in an earthy, sensual way that is most appealing. You’re comfortable with your body, and don’t feel the need to suck in your gut or bind your butt with restrictive clothing. You’re cuddly and approachable, which is a good thing, since you prefer not to make the first move when it comes to romance. You often take a hands-on approach to seduction, making special gifts for the object of your desire, as well as helping them around the house or office.

If you’d like to develop your sex appeal, get involved with stamina sports. Cross-country skiing, rock climbing, and hiking are all activities that will build your considerable strength. You can also use cooking as a form of seduction, developing gourmet recipes that delight the palette and satisfy the soul. Your culinary gifts are an extension of one of your most attractive qualities – your ability to combine basic ingredients into a superlative work of art.

Mars in Sixth House:

Mars in your natal Sixth House of work and service makes you a very accomplished person. You have the ability to turn dreams into realities, no matter how improbable your goals. If you want to become more attractive to others, take on a challenging project. Your eyes will sparkle and your eyes will shine, making you a very appealing candidate for love.

The Sixth House also rules health. Following a sensible fitness program never fails to emphasize your most attractive qualities. If you want to get in shape, consider adopting a dog that you can take for vigorous walks. Mars in the Sixth House indicates a love of animals. What better way to tone up than taking your beloved pooch for brisk strolls? Being of service to others is another way to become more appealing. Volunteering at an animal shelter or working for a nonprofit organization can be good options for you.

Jupiter -- Play To Your Strengths
Jupiter -- Play To Your Strengths

Jupiter, the planet of luck and opportunity, indicates where your natural gifts lie. By taking up activities that underscore these talents, you’re sure to enhance your sex appeal. Finding a career that is related to your gifts will give you a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment that is incredibly attractive. There’s nothing more appealing than somebody who does work that suits their abilities and reflects their interests.

This planet is also a good indicator of where you can find love. Why search under every rock and tree when Jupiter can pinpoint the path to romance? There’s a welcome place for your unique brand of sex appeal. Discover that spot with jolly Jupiter.

Jupiter in Pisces:

Jupiter in Pisces gives you tremendous creative talent that is very attractive. You’re probably a wonderful poet, and can lure people into your web of intrigue with a few thoughtful verses. Photography and dance might appeal to you, too. There’s no reason you can’t use these talents as tools of seduction. The more you cultivate your artistic abilities, the sexier you become. Don’t hesitate to take a filmmaking or sculpture class, as its sure to increase your romantic stock.

Ignore people who accuse you of being too sensitive. The fact is that your tender heart is one of your most alluring qualities. Joining a charity, fostering stray animals, or working for a nonprofit organization are all good ways to honor your compassionate nature. This planetary placement also makes you quite spiritual. You look and feel your best when devoting your energy to soul-enriching activities like prayer, meditation, and art.

Jupiter in Third House:

Having lucky Jupiter in your Third House of communication helps you effectively broadcast your sex appeal. You’ve been blessed with intelligence and wit, and often attract admirers with insightful comments and humorous remarks. Fields like education, writing, publishing, and telecommunications are tailor-made for your natural talents. If you want to further enhance your sex appeal, explore opportunities in these areas. Nobody is sexier than you when challenged to convey ideas.

This planetary placement also suggests that you benefit from travel. Exploring big cities and places of historical interest gives you a scintillating sparkle that’s impossible to ignore. Your chances for finding love on such a trip are strong indeed. You could find lots of romantic success on the Internet dating circuit, since you’re able to build a personal profile that’s funny, compelling, and enticing. Nobody writes a better personal ad than you! A gift for foreign languages also enhances your allure. Taking up Spanish, Chinese, or Swahili is probably a very good idea.

Neptune -- Your Glamour Potential
Neptune -- Your Glamour Potential

Neptune, the planet of fantasy and illusion, indicates where your glamour potential lies. Everybody has been blessed with a special brand of mystique, courtesy of this magical planet. Finding the source of your allure is half the battle in becoming more attractive.

Whether it’s your looks, intelligence, or philosophy of life, Neptune has bestowed you with a generous dose of sex appeal. Use it for all that it is worth!

This planet also indicates your fantasy life, and can show you the best way to turn your dreams into realities. The sexiest people know what they want, and just how to get it. And now that you know your Neptune sign, so can you.

Neptune in Scorpio:

Neptune in Scorpio gives your generation a mysterious glamour that is most compelling. You like to fly in the face of sexual taboos, trying techniques that fly in the face of the moral majority. The more you explore your sensual side, the sexier you become. People are drawn to your “anything goes” philosophy, finding it enormously liberating. If you’d like to enhance your appeal, try widening your sexual horizons. You don’t have to transform your lifestyle overnight, but it would help to explore territory that has always been a source of fascination for you.

This planetary placement gives you enormous powers of transformation. You have the ability to entirely overhaul your look and make it work. Changing your appearance can be lots of fun for you, as it allows you to explore different ways of being. Don’t wait for Halloween to play dress-up; wearing costumes should be a regular practice for you, even if it’s just in the bedroom.

Neptune in Eleventh House:

Neptune in your Eleventh House bestows the image of a visionary on you. People feel like anything is possible when they’re in your presence. That’s because you’re always looking on the bright side, refusing to fall victim to pessimism. This ability to uplift and inspire others makes you very desirable. If you want to enhance your sex appeal, take up a cause that is close to your heart, like Bono and Angelina Jolie. Finding a channel for your optimism will give you a sexy glow that turns heads.

This planetary placement attracts friends with tremendous artistic gifts. If you’d like to create a signature look, consult one of these creative geniuses for guidance. They’ll help you find just the right fashions to look and feel fabulous. Neptune in the Eleventh House gives you big dreams, too. When you work to realize these goals, your sex appeal shines like a beacon. Keep reaching for the stars!

Conclusion: Your Next Steps
Conclusion: Your Next Steps

Now that you have a better idea of what lies in your innate arsenal of appeal, and how to best use it to your advantage, it’s time to get to work!

But, keep in mind that Astrology is a means to maximize your potential. By no means is it supposed to dictate your fate. If you're not naturally blessed with certain gifts, that doesn't mean they will always be beyond reach. It does mean, though, you may possess gifts that are currently hidden from view. Getting your Astrology Sex Appeal Report is kind of like finding a $100 bill in the pocket of your winter coat. You may not have known you possessed such wealth during the summer, but now that you've found it, it becomes that much easier to realize your desires.

How to apply what you learned from this report:

  • Pay attention to the position of Venus and Mars in the current sky, not just in your natal horoscope. These two planets in particular signal upcoming opportunities in love and the best times to go after what you want.
  • Write out a plan of attack for yourself, clarifying what you would like to accomplish with your new-found allure. If you’re not sure where to start, you could write a summary of this report, in your own words.
  • Review this report every so often. This report is saved in your Tarot.com journal for as long as you have your account. It's easy and important to re-read and affirm what you have learned.
  • Tap into your intuition by consulting the Tarot or I-Ching. These powerful divination tools can give you guidance about the path ahead.
  • Check your email inbox often -- Tarot.com members like you get email alerts when key planets are in play, sometimes with special offers.
  • Consult a qualified psychic advisor to complement what you've learned from your Sex Appeal Report. Tarot.com has partnered with Keen to offer you access to live readings by psychic counselors specializing in love and romance issues.

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