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Tina - Born: June 18, 1962 Sun:  Gemini Gemini
The Intimacy Profile will help you understand the astrological factors in your birth chart that support intimacy and love in your life, as well as the natural or unconscious tendencies that make it challenging for you to sustain closeness with others. We all have fears when it comes to sex and love, we just express them differently. By understanding how you hold back or avoid intimacy — and by appreciating the strengths you also bring to this arena — you'll be able to bring an exciting new awareness to your most important relationships, now and in the future.

Self-knowledge is a powerful tool, and so is the compassion that comes from understanding others. When these two — self-knowledge and compassion — come together in love, great chemistry can result. Try an Intimacy Profile for your lover, spouse, friend… or that special someone you want to get closer to. Your increased understanding of who they are and how they relate can open up a whole new chapter in your relationship.

The Intimacy Profile was compiled by astrology author, Stephanie Dempsey, and is an exclusive offering from

Your Intimacy Profile
Your Intimacy Profile is derived from an analysis of key planets in your birth chart — the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars — as they affect your style, preferences and tendencies in intimate relationships. It is designed to offer this information in a non-technical and accessible way. (Other factors — such as your Moon sign and Ascendant — can only be addressed in lengthier reports that require a birth time and place.) To help you absorb this information, the Intimacy Profile takes the following creative approach:

Your Intimacy Profile
Table of Contents
Birth Chart: Summary of your Birth Chart
Chapter 1: Your Desires & Drives
Chapter 2: Your Openness & Receptivity
Chapter 3: Your Ability to Ask for What You Want
Chapter 4: Your Passion & Commitment Factors
Appendix: Glossary of Astrological Terms and Abbreviations

Summary of your Birth Chart
Your Birth Chart interpretation is based on the positions of the planets at the time of your birth. For the benefit of students of astrology, these positions, along with other technical information, are listed below:
Planet Deg Sign Min
Sun   26   Gemini   46'  
Mercury   11   Gemini   52'  
Venus   1   Leo   30'  
Mars   15   Taurus   10'  
Jupiter   12   Pisces   23'  
Saturn   10   Aquarius   49'  
Uranus   27   Leo   17'  
Neptune   11   Scorpio   02'  
Pluto   7   Virgo   45'  

Tropical Placidus
Standard time
GMT: 12:00:00 Time Zone: -0 hours East

A person’s Sun Sign indicates their attitude toward relationships. The Sun Sign shows what one’s expectations are toward love, as well as their capacity for intimacy. Look to this part of a person’s horoscope to determine what drives them to want a relationship.

A person’s Mars Sign indicates their seduction style and the mood or tone of their desires. Check this sign to see how a person pursues the object of their affection. The Mars Sign also reflects one’s sex drive, as well as their approach to lovemaking. Look to a person’s Mars Sign to learn what to expect in bed.

Taken together, the influences of the Sun and Mars reveal the qualities that might be most evident to the other person as the two of you get close.

Sun in Gemini

A Sun Sign Gemini like you wants a relationship that affords plenty of intellectual stimulation. You simply can't fall in love with a dummy. And although it is hard for you to be monogamous, you're willing to commit to the right person. You are seeking a mate who is smart and versatile. If your lover has a quick wit, so much the better. Ideally, you are looking for a relationship that makes you feel young and vibrant. You love a challenge, and may be driven to pursue people who play hard-to-get. In fact, the more elusive a lover seems, the more attracted you become. Ultimately, you are motivated to find intellectual companionship. If this means turning a friendship into a romance, so be it. You're totally flexible. Practice patience when you're in a serious relationship. Don't put words in your lover's mouth, and stop pressuring him or her to make decisions.

Mars in Taurus

Because you have your natal Mars in Taurus, you've always got sex on the brain. Therefore, you're constantly honing and refining your seduction technique. You're very adept at finding your lover's erogenous zones. You can play a person's body like a finely-tuned musical instrument. One of your favorite ways to melt someone's reserve is by talking to them in soft, persuasive tones. You've got an extremely healthy sex drive and are very comfortable in your own skin. As far as you're concerned, sex is a fundamental urge, like eating and drinking. You're not above hooking up with someone just for the sake of physical companionship. That doesn't mean you're a selfish lover, however. On the contrary, you are very attentive to your partner's sexual needs. Your desire to maintain the status quo can sometimes prevent you from making positive changes. Don't get lulled into a sense of complacency, or your relationship could suffer. Your lovemaking style is slow and sensual.

A person’s Venus Sign indicates their romantic yearnings. Look here to see how a person wants to be wined and dined. The Venus Sign also reflects one’s sensual nature, as well as their taste in lovers. Look to a person’s Venus Sign to discover the best way of seducing him or her. Issues related to commitment may also be revealed here.

Venus in Leo

Since you have your natal Venus in Leo, you want a romance that affords a strong sense of drama. Your idea of courtship involves glamorous outings, expensive gifts, and public declarations of love. Appearances are very important to you, and you're likely to be attracted to someone with good looks. Charismatic admirers also make a good impression on you. You want a lover who will put you on a pedestal and place flowers at your feet every day. You need to be both shown and told that you are loved. Otherwise, you'll feel neglected and look for another partner. When you do fall in love with someone who satisfies all of your romantic requirements, it's for keeps. You are loyal and generous to those who deserve your affection. Be careful that you don't overdo it when it comes to love, or your effusive words or lavish gifts could come off as false. Your sexiest quality is your radiant warmth.

A person's Mercury Sign indicates their ability to ask for what he or she wants. Look here to see how a person communicates their desires. The Mercury Sign also reflects one's flirting style, as well as their interests. Check a person's Mercury Sign to see how he or she will express themselves in bed.

Mercury in Gemini

Because you are more comfortable with ideas than feelings, you have a difficult time communicating your needs. Rather than describe what you are feeling, you use examples from books and movies to illustrate your meaning. You have a tendency to change your mind at the drop of a hat, which can be really frustrating for your lover. Try withholding your opinions until you've made a firm decision. You're the type of flirt who chats up anybody who crosses your path, whether it's a bus driver or the Chairman of the Board. Quick with a joke, you pull people into your orbit through laughter. One of your favorite ways to show affection is bestowing nicknames. When you're deep in a relationship, you often develop a verbal code with your lover. If you want to make someone's acquaintance, you pepper them with plenty of questions. You're not above making an impertinent observation to a stranger, just to see if you can get a rise out of them. You're determined to find out what makes people tick, and often flirt as a means to achieve this goal. You talk up a storm during lovemaking, wanting to merge minds as well as bodies.

While a person’s Venus Sign describes their romantic ideal, their Mars Sign indicates their sexual desires. Sometimes, these two signs are at odds with one another, creating a stimulating dynamic. In other situations, one planet supports the other, allowing a person to express their intimacy needs quite effortlessly. Look at these planetary comparisons to learn more about a person’s contradictions or consistencies with regards to sex and intimacy.

Venus in Leo, Mars in Taurus

You work very hard to keep the passion alive in your intimate relationships. And although you possess a strong sex drive, you're not promiscuous. You're seeking a loving bond that will last a lifetime. Sometimes your desire for security can cause you to get caught up in mundane matters like chores and bills. This can get in the way of your sex life, particularly when the money isn't rolling in as fast as it should. When times are tight, make an effort to cultivate romance in small, simple ways. It won't cost much to put a flower on your lover's pillow or augment a home-cooked meal with candles. If you're looking for love, try practicing flexibility. Your soul mate needn't share all of your beliefs in order for you to have a successful partnership.

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