Elspeth, Your IQ score is 121!

Incredible! What does that mean? Well, the IQ test measures several different areas of thinking, including math skills, logical reasoning, understanding analogies, and object relations. Your verbal, emotional, and social skills aren't taken into account in the score.

If your score didn't come out as high as you'd hoped, keep in mind that there are lots of factors that can affect your performance. Your level of fatigue or your formal education and familiarity with this sort of test can influence your score. And remember that IQ is not a definitive measure of your intelligence. Your score would probably be quite different if we could factor in your verbal, emotional, and social skills. And perhaps more importantly, it's well-known that academic and professional achievement aren't determined solely — or even primarily — by intelligence or any other measurable ability. Many of the qualities that bring success can be attributed to differences in culture and schooling rather than to test results.

That said, how do you compare? Well, a score below 70 means that you fall well below the average for most people (Hi,Forrest!). A score between 85 and 99 means that you're somewhat below the average, and a score from 100 to 115 means that your intelligence is rated above the population average. Scores between 115 to 130 mean that your intelligence is well above average. And if you get higher than a 130, you're a total genius (try not to let it go to your head).

Take the test and compare:  http://www.emode.com/emode/tests/iq2.jsp

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