Runic Healing Associations

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Norse Rune Meaning
 Fehu  Chest and respiratory problems.
Uruz  Muscles and anything connected with bodily strength.
 Thurisaz  Heart.
 Ansuz  Mouth, teeth, throat, and stuttering.
 Raido  Legs and gluteal muscles.
 Kaunaz  Cysts, ulcers, abscesses and boils, and any fevers associated with them.
 Gebo  Toxic poisoning.
 Wunjo  Breathing problems.
 Hagalaz  Wounds, grazes and cuts.
 Nauthiz  Arms.
 Isa  Any loss of feeling or sensation.
 Jera  Bowel or digestive disorders.
 Eihwaz  Eye problems.
 Perth  Anything associated with childbirth or sexuality.
 Algiz  Mental or anxiety problems, head or brain, and headaches.
 Sowelu  Burns or skin problems.
 Teiwaz  Rheumatics and arthritis, especially of the hands.
 Berkana  Fertility problems.
 Ehwaz  Anything associated with the back.
 Mannaz  Sprains, pulled tendons, etc., especially of the feet and ankles.
 Laguz  Kidneys.
 Inguz  Problems associated with male genitalia.
 Othila  Genetic problems, anything inherited.
 Dagaz   Fear, distress, nervous problems, and mental illness.

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