• Runecasting Layouts

    These samples are organized according to complexity. These layouts are not meant to be exhaustive. You may find others that work better for you or even choose to modify these as needed.

    Odin's Rune

    Draw one rune for an overview of an entire situation, i.e. the crux of the matter. Particularly helpful under stressful conditions or as guidance for the day.

    Questions should be phrased as issues. Without a question on a specific issue, simply ask, "What do I need to know in my life right now?"

    Runes are normally drawn from the bag, placed face down on the casting cloth, and turned left to right.

    Asking the Norns

    Used to answer single issue "Yes" or "No" questions.

    1 ----------- 2------------ 3

    Swirl the runes while all are face down on the casting cloth and choose three. Lay them face down and turn them upright by moving from left to right (not top to bottom).

    If all three runes are upright (i.e. positive), the answer is an unqualified "Yes."

    If all but one rune are positive, the answer is "Yes," but there will be some aspect of the situation which does not live up to your expectations.

    If all are reversed (i.e. negative), the answer is "No."

    If two negative runes appear with a non-reversible rune, it should be taken as expressing a definite "No" (as though three negatives were involved).

    If all but one rune are negative, the answer is "No," but you may not fare as badly from the situation as you expected.

    When the blank rune appears, it implies the question isn't ready to be judged, too many variables prohibit a reliable reply, or you may be better off not knowing this particular answer. Wait a while before repeating the question. If the blank rune is drawn in three consecutive casts, resign yourself to handling the situation without foresight. Do not ask again.

    Shamanic Layout

    3 ----------- 2------------ 1

    1 - The Under World - What is hidden?

    2 - Middle World - What is on the surface?

    3 - Upper World - What is not yet manifested?

    Three Rune Spreads

    Sometimes helpful to draw three sets of three, i.e. nine total runes.

    Pertains to an issue or situation:

    Pertains to the individual (best when the issue is one of blockage):

    The Three Circles

    Used for guidance on a specific topic/situation or as a general life overview.

    Being: the Inner You - Central To Your Life

    Thinking: Preparing for Action - What's in Your Mind

    Doing: the Present/Action - Actual Events of Your Life

    Is: Ice/Immobility - Limitations and Unfaced Issues

    Cast the runes in sets of three. Do as many sets of three (or as few) as you want.

    Note: Runes are considered reversed or "hidden" if they land blank side up.

    The Runic Cross

    Provides a more complete picture of the situation and its dynamics.

    If, after laying out and considering these six runes, you still lack clarity, replace all the runes in their bag and draw a single rune to give you the essense of the situation.

    Three Lifetimes

    (Layout uses the pattern of the Rune of Fertility - Inguz.)

    Used to consider issues related to reincarnation. Provides you with information about what you still need to deal with from your past so that you can change your present situation, thus affecting both your future in this life and your next incarnation.

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